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Pandora is one of Europe’s most progressive omnichannel retail brands. They have invested heavily in technology and organisation redesign to become a digital leader with a driving ambition to continually improve customer experience.

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Pandora’s senior management team approached Thrive Club to support them with innovating new digital products and services around a key component of their roadmap: cross-channel personalisation.

The brief

Thrive Club placed three members of its Collective in-house at Pandora to run a design-thinking programme and coach Pandora’s internal team. This consisted of various workshops to ideate new concepts and then prioritise around a defined set of business and consumer criteria.

The approach
The result

Three new digital products and services from an initial list of >100 were trialled and scored through in-store POC tests in Europe and the US. One concept has since gone into production with an internal engineering team building out the product.

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